Toyota leads industry in CO2 emissions reduction in Europe

Toyota leads industry in CO2 emissions reduction in Europe

- Lowest fleet-wide average CO2 emissions of 103.6 g/km in 2012 for Toyota Motor Europe - 23% of total Toyota Motor Europe fleet emits below 100 g/km of CO2 - 11 Toyota and Lexus models in Europe emit below 100 g/km of CO2, six below 90 g/km - First nine-month hybrid sales in Europe outsold same period in 2012 by 36,652 units (+47%)

As a group, Toyota Motor Europe (TME) continues to lead the way in emissions reduction in Europe, posting the lowest fleet-wide CO2 emissions of 103.6 g/km during 2012. In the annual report published last week by the European Commission and the European Environment Agency, average fleet-wide CO2 emissions for the company decreased by 5.7 g/km compared to 2011, representing a 5% reduction year-on-year. The recent result puts TME 24.3 g/km of CO2 below the company’s specific emissions target as stipulated by the European Commission for the 2012 calendar year.

As part of the European Commission’s phase-in programme, the recent ranking is determined by 65% of the registered cars for each manufacturer. Emissions calculations for the next two years will take into account a gradually increasing percentage of cars – 75% in 2013 and 80% in 2014 – before the 100% calculation comes into effect in 2015.

According to the report, TME’s specific CO2 emissions decreased by 29% over the past 12 years, reaching 121.9 g/km across 100% of its fleet compared to an average decrease of 23% across Europe as a whole during the same period.

TME is the firm automotive industry leader with the highest percentage of vehicles emitting less than 100 g/km of CO2, totalling 23% of the company’s fleet.

Currently, customers in Europe are offered 11 Toyota and Lexus models with CO2 emissions below 100 g/km – of which six emit below 90 g/km – including: Toyota iQ (99 g/km), AYGO (99 g/km), Yaris Hybrid (79 g/km), Auris (99 g/km), Auris Hybrid (84 g/km), Auris Hybrid Touring Sports (85 g/km), Prius (89 g/km), Prius+ (96 g/km), Prius Plug-in Hybrid (49 g/km), Lexus CT 200h (87 g/km), IS 300h (99 g/km).

The European Environment Agency also suggested that TME’s lead in emissions reduction can also be attributed partly to the company’s increasing hybrid product offering which includes six Toyota and six Lexus models.

In Europe overall, sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles after the first nine months are already 47% higher than the same period in 2012 (78,380 units). So far this year, hybrid vehicle sales for TME reached 115,032 units with the strong performance of the Yaris Hybrid and Auris Hybrid.

Michel Gardel, TME Vice-President for Communications, External and Environmental Affairs, commented: “We have now reached the tipping point in Europe. The success of our hybrid sales is a clear demonstration that European customers prefer hybrid vehicles when it comes to alternative powertrains.”

Since Toyota first introduced the Prius in the European market in 2000, cumulative hybrid sales have reached 620,588 units at the end of September 2013.

With year-to-date sales of Toyota and Lexus hybrid models now increasing to nearly 20% of total sales in greater Europe, 2013 will be yet another step forwards in the company’s contributions towards reducing CO2 emissions in Europe.

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